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Design Concept
great room

Our Innovative Concept is a new blueprint for design. No more coordinating with Architects, Builders, Designers, Suppliers, Artisans and Realtors. We will do it for you saving you time and money while providing you with a design that has been built AROUND your desires and lifestyle ----not OVER them. We realize a new economy requires a new approach to design. Here's how it works:

  • Discussion of goals, lifestyle, and cost objective with Design Development Group
  • Site Selection assistance (if required)
  • Site evaluation by Design Team and Builder to determine optimal position of home and room locations to take full advantage of view corridors.
  • Meeting with Builder to finalize details and costing.
  • Development of design to customize the feel and style of your home.
  • A full set of CAD Drawings are finalized and given to the Builder.
  • Planning becomes tangible as construction begins.